If you are interested in membership and do not know a Suburban Rotarian, please contact our office at 402-397-7335.




Any current member may propose an individual for membership if he/she believes the person meets the qualifications for membership. 



·        Bring Prospective Members and other guests to visit Suburban Rotary

All visitors should be introduced as guests and not as “considering membership” or a “prospective member”. 


·        A current member must fill out the first part of the application without the knowledge of the prospective member. 



·        The Membership Committee will vote on the application and forward it to the Board for approval. 



·        After a prospective member has been approved, the application acknowledging the responsibilities of being a Suburban Rotarian should be completed together by the Proposer and Prospective Member.  The application needs to be signed by the Prospective Member.


The Prospective Member’s name will be published for one week in the Scuttlebutt thereby allowing the membership at large to protest if there is some reason a member feels he/she should not be a member (questionable business practices, etc.)


If no protest is received within 10 days of publication (in writing to the Board), the Prospective Member is considered approved.

Dues must be paid in full for a new member to be introduced to the club.