Each year we honor a Yearling of the Year (new member) for their service to the club and exemplifying the "4 Way Test".  The award was endowed by Dr. Sol Kutler who founded the Yearlings program when he was President so that new members would have a way to learn about Rotary.  We have honored the following recipients:

1998-99  Lisa Brown
1999-00 Tom Schmidt
2000-01 Tom Stackhouse
2001-02 George Morgan
2002-03 Jo Anderson
2003-04 Marlene Sullivan
2004-05 Roxy Orr
2005-06 Gil Kettelhut
2006-07 Phil Dawson
2007-08 Penny Koenig
2008-09 Terri Greenwood
2009-10 Katie Henry
2010-11 Jared Bakewell
2011-12 Edna Brooks-Pittman

2012-2013 Yearling of the Year- Judy Cline