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1. Continue buying/selling raffle tickets.  If you are not a Rotarian, please contact our office at 402-397-7335 to purchase tickets.  Our annual raffle generally runs from mid-February to the end of March and features great prizes.

2. Set up your own scholarship.  You may personally set up a scholarship in your name or in the name of a loved one to be given one-time or annually.   At our annual Scholarship Luncheon, the respective donor would be recognized and, if desired, the donor may present the scholarship to the student.

3. Encourage your friends and relatives to set up a special scholarship.  Maybe you know relatives or close friends who would wish to honor someone by setting up a scholarship in their name.  Encourage them to contact our Foundation Board through our office.

4. Encourage other Foundations to contribute.  If you sit on the Board of a Foundation which is seeking worthwhile programs, consider recommending Suburban Rotary's Scholarship program.  Our program is unique in that it supports students with physical challenges that might not otherwise have access to higher education.   The program infrastructure is well-established, including good working relationships with area schools and an outstanding reveiw and selection process.

5. See if your company will match your gift.  Many companies will match employees' contributions to charitable causes.   The Suburban Rotary Charitable Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit and would be happy to help you complete the paperwork.

6. Planned giving.  Consider naming the Suburban Rotary Club Charitable Foundation in your will or as the Beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Make a donation today- change a student's life forever!