Cancer Center
May 30, 2024
Luke Nordquist
Cancer Center

Dr. Luke Nordquist is a Medical Oncologist who is recognized for his expertise in Prostate Cancer. He is the Founder and CEO of XCancer.

Dr. Luke is a S. Dakota native that graduated from Creighton University’s School of Pharmacy in 92’ and School of Medicine in 98’. Followed by an Internal Medicine Residency at the Univ of South Florida/Moffitt Cancer Center and an Oncology Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering/Cornell Cancer Center in NYC.

Dr. Luke founded his cancer center &research network in 2010. His center is globally recognized for their contribution to the advancement of therapies for prostate cancer. More than 450 prostate cancer patients from more than 40 states travel to Omaha monthly for their prostate cancer care. To date, Dr. Luke and his team have conducted 20 1st-in-World Research trials for Prostate Cancer. 

XCancer has expanded to assist other Cancer Centers from coast to coast in Conducting Novel Clinical Trials and helping assist cancer care as far away as Tanzania, Africa.

Dr. Luke’s trifecta is Science, Compassion, & the Entrepreneurial Spirit