Consider making your annual donation to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.  This money comes back to us in three years in the form of Global and District grants to spend on our projects.   Your donation goes around the world to promote literacy, fight disease, and encourage peace.   Every Rotarian Every Year asks that you consider a gift of at least $100 to the Rotary Foundation. 
If you have never given, Suburban Rotary will match your first $100 to the Foundation giving you $200 toward your Paul Harris Fellowship (cumulative giving of $1000).    
The easiest way to give is (you will need to set up an account). Your member # appears on the front of your Rotarian magazine or you can ask Jennifer. 

You can also bring a check made out to the Rotary Foundation to Thursday's meeting and Jennifer will send it in to you (or have a form for you to fill out with your credit card number).
Thank you to the members below who have become Sustaining members with a $100 donation to the Rotary Foundation this Rotary year so far:
Paul Adams    Mark Anson    Jared Bakewell             Jeff Bakewell 
Zoe Baumel     John Binderup     Karen Bremer      Dick Caulk
Nate Christ       Bill Corcoran          Eric Dawson        Monique Devillier
Amanda  Fink       Ed Fleming         Deanna Fuller       Andy Goranson 
Jerry Gordman         Roger Groff         Duane Gross 
Herb Hartman        Rose Mary Hefley         Jack Heidel           Yolanda Hoffman   
 Jack Hosking         Nick Jasa    Carter Jones 
Kim-Jae Kang        Jim Kaplalis            Scott Keep             
Dick Kelley      Tom Kerfoot Terry Kucera     
David Kutler            Dave Laferla       Roger Lindsey    Julie Livingston
Marlon Lofgren   Dan Lupardus      Ken Masimore     Frank McGree
Eli McNichols         Larry McNichols    Dick Miller      Jeff Moran
 Madeline Moyer    Bob Mundy        Ann Olmsted          Roxy Orr
Ron Pearson          Curt Peters    Ward Peters      Joanne Peters
Harry Reyburn      Karen Rolf           Rich Rowland    John Ryan
Lyle Sapp        Kathryn Schubert  Alice Schumaker           Judy Sealer   
Joe Sequenzia      Julie Sherman    Travis Sholin
Dick Skalla    Alan Simon       Jim Sousley
Alan Stanek       Byron Stigge    Eric Stueckrath     
Marlene Sullivan  Mark Taylor   Jordan Walker   
Ed Walsh   Dan Wellendorf     Randy Wieseler   Ralph Williams