Last week Suzi Brehmer was the third October RISK player to be drawn. She won a $10 gift card.   The October pot is $839.00 If the weekly name drawn spins the wheel and lands on the star, he/she win half the pot! 
Secretary Marlon Lofgren is excited to bring you a new game with a potentially BIG payout.   RISK stands for (Rotarians Investing in Special Kids) and has always been our drawing at weekly meetings.  Half the proceeds go to the Foundation to support our programs and the other half to the winner.  Deadline to sign up to play for November is Wednesday, November 4th. 
This year it will have a twist to allow those on Zoom and in the room to play and win.
1.) You must be signed up and paid before the 1st Thursday meeting of the month (11/4 for November)  You can give your money to Marlon at a meeting ($20 cash or check) or pay online at CLICK HERE. 
2.) There will be one spot for half the pot and the others will be covered in a variety of prizes including gift cards and free lunches.
3.) One winner of half the pot per month.  If half the pot is not won in any given month, the RISK pot will continue to grow until it is won. 
4.) Once the pot is won, we will give away the smaller prizes until the contest begins again in the next month.  
Have fun and help us do some FUNdraising for our great Suburban Rotary Programs.