Last week David Kutler introduced us to new member Candi Jacobs.  A California native, Candi graduated from Empire Business College where she studied Travel and Tourism in Business. In 2015 she received the Toyota Excellence award for her work as a Customer Relations Manage
Candi joined Sadoff Metal and electronic recycling company in January of this year where she is an Electronics Scrap Buyer. Sadoff electronic recycling helps to keep toxic material out of landfills while also keeping your sensitive data safe. When asked why she is in the scrap business Candi answers with “I don’t see it so much as being in the scrap business, as saving the planet business.
Prior to that, she worked for the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce where she was the Membership Engagement Manager.r.
When Candi’s not working hard to keep electronics waste out of landfills, she enjoys baking, reading, karaoke, watching movies, and being out and about wherever there are people.
If you ask her why she moved from California, she’ll answer that she fell in love with Nebraska. “This place is beautiful. The people are kind, the cost of living and quality of life are wonderful.”
Candi lives in Papillion with her son Richard, daughter Sabrina, and their two rescue dogs, Ferb & Chloe. Welcome, Candi!