Last week Kevin Welsh introduced us to new member Scott Tafoya.  Scott is the Owner of Arcosanti Roofing.  Born and raised in Papillion Nebraska, Scott graduated from Papillion LaVista high school. He then went onto Colorado State University, where he had a very enjoyable time that did not include studying, so he ultimately ended up back in Nebraska where he did his undergrad and graduate work in Architecture and business.
Upon graduation, he discovered 6 years too late that he’d be a very “average” architect, and he doesn’t like to do anything “average”. In 1999 he started Arcosanti Homes Inc., where he built the first Energy Star certified home, then the first Nebraska Green Certified home, in Omaha. At the time, his homes were the most energy efficient homes ever tested by the State of Nebraska Energy Office.
The housing bubble of 2007 forced a re-branding to Arcosanti Inc, where he focused mainly on roofing. Today, Arcosanti Inc specializes in residential and commercial roofing, siding, windows and gutters.
Scott is married to Lisa and they have two girls and a Golden Retriever.  
Scott is active in multiple organizations that focus on children, specifically disadvantaged youth. His passion over the past 5 years has been as a medical missionary with Grace4Haiti, where he has traveled 5x to head up the construction of a hospital, as well as being the official “McGuyver” of the group, fixing everything from anesthesia machines to toilets, even assisting surgeries in the OR during emergencies. He serves or has served on the board of multiple organizations that give back to the community.
In his free time, Scott is a 2x Ironman and former USA Triathalon official that still enjoys running, biking (now with his girls in tow), hiking, and his newest hobby, astronomy.
Scott’s burning desire is to win the lottery so that he can dedicate the rest of his life to serving others, specifically children, while exploring the world with his girls.
Welcome, Scott!