Last week Dick Miller introduced us to new member Steve Schrader.   Steve grew up in the Midwest and has been in Omaha for the last 30 years.  He has been married to Karen, a Physician's Assistant, for the last 43 years.  They have a son and daughter, and are enjoying being part of their two grandchildren's lives.
Steve recently left the Omaha Housing Authority after serving as the Director of Capital Improvements and Procurement.  Prior to OHA, Steve owned Dundee Hardware where he earned accolades including the Golden Spike Award and Best Hardware Store in Omaha.
He is Past President of the Dundee Business Improvement District and two home owners associations.
Steve is a trained home inspector and all-around construction professional, having renovated more than a dozen obsolete homes in the Omaha area.  
Steve is currently flipping two homes and considering opportunities as a Contracting and Construction Management Consultant.  
Welcome, Steve!