Last week Jennifer introduced our new a/v tech, Jody- Ann Coore. Jody- Ann will be helping set up and run our a/v and Zoom at Anthony's during our weekly meetings.  

Jody-Ann Coore is a doctoral student, pursuing a degree in Educational Psychology. She is eager and passionate to change the lives of disadvantaged young people through education. Jody-Ann believes that helping at-risk individuals unlock their cognitive abilities will help change their perspective about themselves and the world around them. Thus, creating hope and increasing resilience to overcome life's challenges. She is an avid cheerleader for the underdog. 

Jody-Ann has previous experience working with faculty and students around issues of community engagement, previously working with the Eureka Summer program a partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Girls Inc. to empower young girls to pursue post-secondary (STEM) education. She has also worked with community members on issues of food insecurity to empower and lift their voices in creating the change that is personally meaningful. Outside of school and community work, Jody-Ann enjoy going on outdoor adventures with her toddler son.

Jody-Ann holds a BA in Psychology and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Please take a moment to introduce yourself and welcome Jody-Ann when you see her.