The Suburban Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

The Suburban Rotary Charitable Foundation originated in 1988 when two members were leaving a memorial service for a fellow member's son who lost his life in an avalanche in the Colorado Rockies. They believed it would be good for Suburban Rotary to have a foundation for tax-deductible donations from memorials, other contributions that could be used for the club's scholarship program, and other worthwhile causes.  

The foundation has a separate board of trustees and is a separate legal entity from the Suburban Rotary Club.  The seven-member board is comprised of the current club president, the three immediate past presidents, and five club members elected at large to serve for three years.

Scholarship Program

The Suburban Rotary Club has provided over $1,000,000 in scholarships to area high school graduates who wish to continue their post-high school education.

Recognition Levels

  • Charlene Tierney Citation - $1,000
  • Friend of Suburban Rotary - $2,000
  • Patron of Suburban Rotary - $5,000
  • Executive Directors Club - $10,000
  • Howard Vann Prsident's Club - $25,000
  • Planning Giving Member - Will or Life Insurance
  • Endowed Scholarship - $50,000 (Requires a single donation of $50,000 or more)


2020-2024 Past President Mary Bernier
2021-2024 John Hoich (Chair)
2021-2024 Randy Wieseler (at large)
2021-2025 Past President Dave Laferla (Treasurer)
2022-2025 Terri Greenwood (at large)
2022-2025 Alan Stanek (at large)
2022-2026 Past President Tom Kerfoot (serving the remaining term of Past President Kevin Welsh)
2023-2026 Dan Wellendorf
2023-2025 President Katie Henry
2023-2024 Secretary Yolanda Hoffman (non-voting)

Advisors: Herb Hartman, Fritz Stehlik