Each year we honor a Suburban Rotarian for their contribution to our Rotary club and exemplifying the "4 Way Test."  We have honored the following from our club:

1996-97  Ann Coyne and Al Frank (Nicaragua Project)
1997-98  David Gerard
1998-99 Alan Simon
1999-00 Mike Feldman, Susan Huntley-Gruenther, Joseph P. Laferla, Walter Nabity, Tom Schmidt, Leslie
            Wustrack (Bemis Project)
2000-01   Lyle Sapp
2001-02  Stan Widman
2002-03  Norm Kerr
2003-04  Sheila Kalhorn
2004-05 Michael Abbott
2005-06  Deaf School Project, Nicaragua- Ann Coyne, Wei Rowe, Ed Walsh, Leslie Wustrack
2006-07  Joanne Peters
2007-08  Jeff Bakewell
2008-09  Bob Perrin
2009-10  Roxy Orr
2010-11 John Binderup
2011-2012 Katie Henry

2012-2013 Suburban Rotarian of the Year- Randy Wieseler