Last week Rotary Foundation Committee Chair Kathryn Schubert recognized Rotarians who were part of the Paul Harris Society during the 18-19 Rotary year.  They each received a ribbon for their Rotary pin recognizing them for their commitment to the Intl. Rotary Foundation. Paul Harris Society Members agree to donate $1000 each year to the Rotary Foundation.   This can be done in a lump sum or by donating $85 automatically each month.  Thank you for your generosity! (If you would like to join the PHS Society, please talk to Kathryn or Ward Peters)
18-19 PHS Members (not all pictured)  Gary Beller, Eric Dawson, Terry Ferguson, Deanna Fuller, Frank Goldberg, Jerry Gordman, Herb Hartman, Warren Hill, Nick Jasa, C.L.Landen, Jim Leslie, Roxy Orr, Bob Perrin, Curt Peters, Ward Peters, Will Prout, Nate Schwalb, Travis Sholin, Alan Stanek, and Tom Vann