Last week several of our very generous club members were recognized for their cumulative giving to our local Suburban Rotary Foundation.   The Suburban Rotary Foundation supports a variety of initiatives including ou our scholarship program, our District grant projects like meal packaging and the homeless foot clinic, our exchange students and many more things.  Congratulations and thank you to you all!
C.L. Landen was recognized as a Friend of Suburban Rotary for $2500 of cumulative giving.
Dave Laferla and Kathryn Schubert were recognized as Patrons of Suburban Rotary for each donating $5000.
Alan Stanek was recognized as a member of the Executive Director's Club for his cumulative donations of $10,000.
John Hoich was recognized as a member of the Howard Vann President's Club for his cumulative giving of $25,000.
Thank you to all our incredibly generous donors!