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Celebrating 56 years of Fun and Service 

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Thursdays at 12:00 p.m.
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Join us on May 23, 2024, as we honor and showcase our esteemed veterans in the club. Our veteran Rotarians will share their experiences and stories of service. This event will highlight the dedication and commitment they have demonstrated both in their military careers and in their service to Rotary.


Dick Caulk

  • Rotarian for 46 years
  • Maintained perfect Rotary attendance for 45 years
  • Paul Harris Fellow +8



Duane Gross

  • Rotarian for 30 years
  • Maintained perfect Rotary attendance for 30 years
  • Paul Harris Fellow +6



Eli McNichols

  • Rotarian for 29 years
  • Maintained perfect Rotary attendance for 29 years
  • Paul Harris Fellow +3

Roger Morrissey

  • Rotarian for 27 years
  • Paul Harris Fellow +1



Dick Skalla

  • Rotarian for 49 years
  • Maintained perfect Rotary attendance for 41 years
  • Paul Harris Fellow



Randy Wieseler

  • Rotarian for 20 years
  • Maintained perfect Rotary attendance for 14 years
  • Paul Harris Fellow +3


Come and be inspired by the remarkable dedication of our Rotarian veterans. Their stories of service are a testament to their unwavering commitment to both their country and our community.

Presiding Officer: Katie Henry
Secretary: Andrew Wesely
Sgt At Arms: John Binderup
Greeters: Dan Hosford & Roger Utman
Tech/AV/Zoom Host: Dan Lupardus
Check-in/Cashier: Need Volunteer
Invocator: Herb Hartman
Vocational Speaker: Rotarian Video by Pixel Fire
Chair of the Day:  Dan Lupardus
Program Speakers: Dick Caulk, Duane Gross, Eli McNichols, Roger Morrissey, Dick Skalla, and Randy Wieseler
The Suburban Rotary is one of the few clubs that received the prestigious Rotary International Citation for Rotary Year 2022-2023 under the leadership of President Kevin Welsh. The award was presented at the recently concluded Rotary District 5650 Conference. As a club we exceeded RI's expectations in areas of Developing and implementing sustainable service projects, Giving to The Rotary Foundation, and Building awareness of Rotary in the community. Congratulations, Rotarians! You made it happen.
Suburban Rotary's exemplary efforts at Andersen Middle School received well-deserved recognition during the Rotary District 5650 Conference. Your generous contributions to the Suburban Charitable Foundation, channeled through the adept stewardship of Dan Lupardus, Mary Bernier, and the dedicated Community Service Committee, have significantly transformed the lives of refugee students and their families at Andersen Middle School. From providing comprehensive backpacks brimming with essential school supplies to extending crucial support for families as they navigate the challenges of resettlement in a foreign country, the impact has been truly profound. This was well articulated by teacher and presenter Mark Scott of Andersen Middle School.
This remarkable acknowledgment sheds light on Rotary's pivotal role in fostering a nurturing environment for these immigrant families, ensuring their smooth integration into American society. It underscores the indispensable value of community-driven philanthropy, demonstrating how concerted efforts can catalyze positive change and empower those in vulnerable circumstances. Suburban Rotary's dedication serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of collective action, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of new immigrants and reiterating Rotary's enduring commitment to fostering inclusivity and compassion within communities.
Pictured here are Dan Lupardus and Mark Scott at the Omaha Marriott, Rotary District 5650 Conference.
R. Gordon R. McInally is president of Rotary International. He was educated at the Royal High School in Edinburgh and at the University of Dundee, where he earned his graduate degree in dental surgery. He operated his own dental practice in Edinburgh until 2016. Gordon was chair of the East of Scotland branch of the British Paedodontic Society and has held various academic positions. He has also served as a presbytery elder, chair of the Queensferry parish congregational board, and commissioner to the general assembly of the Church of Scotland. Read President McInally's biography.
Watch the video below of President McInally's address to the Rotary International Assembly:
Congratulations to Todd Schmaderer who was honored last week as Omahan of the Year for all his work as the Omaha Chief of Police.  
Consider visiting another Rotary club for a make-up! has a club finder for locations around the world.  Please see the District website at  for details on local clubs. Visit one of the following Metro-Area Clubs!
Monday: Omaha Millard Rotary, 12:00 pm, German American Society, 3717 South 120th St.
Tuesday: Omaha Morning 7:00 am, 88 Tactical, 15350 Shepard St., Suite 1, Omaha NE 68138
Tuesday: Omaha Northwest, 12:00 pm, Sand Point, New England Fare, 655 North 114th Street. Omaha, NE 68154
Wednesday: Omaha Downtown, 12:00 pm, Trinity 113 N 18th St., Omaha, NE 68124
Wednesday: Council Bluffs Centennial: 7:00 am, Hy-Vee Community Room 1745 Madison Avenue
Thursday: West Douglas County, 12:00 PM Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation 20272 Veterans Drive
Thursday: Council Bluffs, 12:00 pm, Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center, 1001 South 6th Street
Friday: Omaha West, 12:00 pm, Charlie's on the Lake, 4151 S 144th St., Omaha, NE 68137
Email Yolanda for make-up/attendance credit at
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Luke Nordquist
May 30, 2024
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Jun 06, 2024
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Jun 13, 2024
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